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Steven Wagler

FFF 2017 Steven WaglerSteven Wagler (Jasper, IN) is a 31-year-old applied mathematician who started teaching engineering courses at Loogootee High School last fall. He started playing music with his friends in high school and has been playing in various groups, or acoustic by himself, ever since. He can usually be found playing ’70s and ’90s hits at a local bar or trying out originals at an Open Mic night.

"As a teenager I mostly just listened to a lot of pop-punk bands and sort of grew up with a few of them into indie rock, folk, and alternative. So, when it comes to writing songs, I think I follow their format a little bit and look for a fun melody and a poppy chord structure to put under it. I spend the most time on the lyrics because I feel like those represent me more than anything else. I’ve been playing my songs for friends and family for years, and I enjoy seeing how they go over with people who aren’t as inclined to spare my feelings."



“Enough, Honestly” by Steven Wagler


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