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Matt Colson

FFF 2017 Matt Colson

Matt Colson (Huntingburg, IN) grew up in southern Spencer County and at the age of thirteen moved to Huntingburg where he discovered music that “stole [his] soul without remorse”. He moved to Louisville in his early twenties to study culinary arts at Sullivan University. At the time, he wanted to focus on being a chef, work in the best kitchens, and refine his craft. However, music always remained in his life. After Louisville, he moved to Evansville with nothing more than some clothes, some old CDs, and his guitar—and he slept in his car for a few weeks. After spending time back in Louisville, “city of unrequited love”, he moved back to Huntingburg.

“I don't know what the future holds, but I know it's going to be authentic to who I am. I'm gonna keep it real and weird—but, hopefully, not real weird. The inspiration behind my music comes from my ‘skewed view’ of the world. I embrace a sort of vagabond mentality. I never know where life is going to take me, or where I'll end up two weeks from now, and I absolutely love that. A lot of my music is about the situations I find myself in while drifting through this world.”

"Smalltown Wannabe Superhero Boyfriend" by Matt Colson https://youtu.be/JD0jJ9LZd34



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