Redwood Preservation Society, Evansville, IN

FFF SSS 2019 Redwood Preservation SocietyIn the Redwood Preservation Society, David Warren writes the songs, plays finger-style guitar, and provides most of the lead vocals. "Michael Flake is our guitar escort, who tastefully decorates our music with what we like to call the Flake Effect," states Warren. Jennifer Vela, their "rose among the thorns", blends her vocal harmonies around David’s soulful mash "like bourbon and honey". We craft our songs with our hearts on our sleeves," Warren continues. "Most of our songs are about love, loneliness, or the space between the two. We are either missing the one who slipped away or holding them tightly in our arms. We hope that our music is a comfort to the weary and that maybe you can find yourself swaying along a bit." Photo ID: l to r, David Warren, Jennifer Vela, Michael Flake

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2019 Printable Schedule & Map

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