The Burma Shaver(s), Evansville, IN, and Ashley, IL

FFF SSS 2019 Burma ShaversDubbed an “original, new-wave, acoustic, eccentric, Americana, folk-music duo”, The Burma Shaver(s) are the 2017 marriage of the diverse musical styling of  Lonesome Steve Fowler and Jerry Wilson. "If the shadows are just right," states Fowler, "we can oft times be spotted rehearsing along the banks of the Wabash River (the half way point between our hometowns) sharing a cane fishing pole and a daydream of playing our music for anyone and everyone who will lend an ear--sharing tall tales, short stories, and poems through lyrics, melodies, sentimental longings, and wistful affection for the past." Photo ID: l to r, Steve Fowler, Jerry Wilson
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2019 Printable Schedule & Map

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