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Edward Leroy Burch

FFF 2017 Eddie Leroy Burch 2

Edward Leroy Burch (Dubois, IN), a native Louisvillian, inspired by early Dylan, took up the guitar at 18 and soon found his voice as a singer-songwriter, performing solo and with bands in the Louisville-Lexington area.  For the past five years, he has found his musical inspiration in the tranquility of his cabin near Dubois, Indiana. His brother, Rick Burch, played lead guitar traveling the southeastern states for years with the band Aura. He is now lead guitarist in the Burch Brothers' band, The Burgoo Kings.  Rick will accompany Eddie at the showcase.

"I have always been inspired by other songwriters ranging from Robert Hunter, lyricist for The Grateful Dead, to the Bobs, Dylan and Marley, as well as John Hiatt and Bruce Cockburn, among others.  So over the years I have written songs in various styles, from rock and blues, to country and bluegrass.  Lately I have been writing more songs of a folk nature based on historical events and my own family history.  I'm not certain why this type of song has been coming my way recently, but I'm thankful for them. My motivation for entering the songwriting contest was to have my music heard by a wider audience than has heretofore experienced it.  Especially enticing was the potential opportunity to perform at the Ferdinand Folk Festival."

“Living Again” by Edward Leroy Burch


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