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Bethany Boeglin

1429024368 DSC 0071 sm Born into a math-minded family, Bethany has spent her days creating an artistic side to life that family and friends can enjoy. After graduating from Forest Park High School as a participant in both band and art, she moved on to major in Design and Communication at the University of Evansville. A second-time participant in the Ferdinand Folk Fest Singer-Songwriter Contest and a recent college graduate, Bethany now continues to spread her love of music in her hometown and surrounding communities, and she will be releasing her second original CD in December of 2016.

Music Inspiration/Quote: "I'm inspired by everything that breathes or feels.  I tend to write on the natural, grounded side of life. Much of my music is based on real life experiences, vivid memories of nature, and the humanities. Artists like Lauren Aquilina, Noah Gunderson, and Gabrielle Alpin continue to be my role models, even as my own genre of music shifts and changes with my life." 

Ferdinand Folk Festival Contest Motivation/Quote: "I am thrilled to have yet another opportunity to meet local (and not-so-local) artists who share the same passion for the power of music."

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