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by Thom Pallozola
2:45 - 3:15 pm Eastern
Interactive music program for children ages 2 to 5
Lower shelter house
FFF 2019 Thom PallozolaChildren will sing, dance, and march around "as we sing songs about our pets, the ABC’s, and our friends".
Thom Pallozola plays in two rock-and-roll bands and two ukulele driven bands. The ukulele bands are the Flea Bitten Dawgs, jazz, Americana, ukulele music. They are a trio with two vocal/ukulele players plus a percussionist. This act tours through 12 states and toured England and Belgium. The second group is the Shruti Nadis, a duo act with Thom playing ukulele and shruti box plus a percussionist. They play music for yoga sessions and meditation sessions as well as concerts. This act tours through three states. Since 2006 Thom has been a children’s entertainer in the “Babaloo and T-Bone Respec-Ta-Lecka-Hi Song Writing Workshop” for K through 6 th grade, and as T-Bone, an act for pre-school children. When not touring, Thom runs Thomdawg’s Music. He makes hand-make musical shakers, kazoos, and drums sold on tour and at festivals. Visit his booth in the art market.

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