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1:00 - 1:45, Shaded yoga area above market

by Vanessa Hurst

FFF 2018 Tent Talk Vanessa HurstAn all-natural, caffeine-free practice, the Sevenfold Path of Tai Chi reduces tension and increases flexibility in one’s body, mind, and spirit. It brings a person’s body into natural balance by creating feelings of peace, calm, quiet, and alertness. Tai Chi promotes good posture, muscle tone, flexibility, and agility. Regular practice encourages integration of the body and mind, the muscular and skeletal systems, and the right and left brain. Tai Chi is also a positive, non-violent way of releasing excess energy and aggression. It helps to enhance creativity, more easily grasp new concepts, and work more easily with already mastered concepts.

Sifu Vanessa F. Hurst, a Ferdinand native, has taught 5Element Form Tai Chi for 12 years and is a Neural Synchrony™ facilitator, intuitive, and author. Earning a master’s degree in Natural Health, she shares her knowledge and vision and engages the inner wisdom of clients and students, with the end result increased mindfulness. She also has training in medical intuition, Quantum Healing, and Reiki.

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