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1:00 – 1:45 pm, North Tent

by Becky Schnur

ACORN 2018 Summer Becky Schnur Hemp OilCBD hemp oil and hemp farming are gaining in popularity across the US. Participants will learn the health and economic benefits of hemp products, the method of choosing the right CBD oil for one’s personal needs, and the value in supporting hemp agricultural industries in Indiana.

A resident of Warrick County, Becky has been a teacher at Boonville High School for 18 years and a CAP (College Achievement Program) instructor at the University of Southern Indiana for 12 years. She teaches environmental science, physical geology, and earth/space science, and she engages her students in environmental projects such as a school recycling program, a schoolyard habitat area, an international pen pal program, and an urban gardening program to promote locally-grown produce. Through international travel fellowships to sites of scientific significance, Becky continues her own education. Living on the family farm for over 30 years, she is currently working to transform the homestead into a wildlife habitat area specifically for pollinators. Becky is also actively supporting reintroduction of the hemp industry to Indiana through free public presentations.

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