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Emotional Wellness and Mindfulness
by Terri Kendall
1:00 pm  North Tent (near totem pole by playground)
FFF 2017 Terri Kendall Tent Talk Mindfulness1Terri Kendall has devoted her life to helping people reach their mental and physical potential. Owner of XALT, a company that performs aerials and trains aerialists, and a leader in Turners Circus that is performing at this year's festival, Terri recently published her first book Be Your Best Self, A Holistic Plan for Emotional Wellness. She will discuss mindfulness as one component of emotional wellness in caring for one's health. Terri is also on the district advisory committee for LGBTQ+ issues in her school district, Jefferson County Public Schools, in Louisville.
Mother of two daughters and school psychologist for 24 years, Terri is also a passionate aerialist and instructor who has trained in various cities with a variety of instructors in the USA since 2010. She has performed for the past several years at theaters, clubs, bars, festivals, and churches with small circuses, bands, musicians, DJs, magicians, and burlesque troupes.  Her specialties in aerial performing include aerial rope, static trapeze, lyra, Spanish web, double trapeze, and pole, but she has also performed tippy lyra, aerial straps, rings, and aerial pole.

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