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by Hailei Gehlhausen

1:00 pm Eastern, North Tent

FFF 2019 Tent Talk Hailei Gehlhausen1Hailei Gehlhausen, who is a recent graduate of the English Department at the University of Southern Indiana, started her first full-time teaching job at Perry Central Community Schools in January of 2019. As this past summer was her first summer off in nearly 10 years, Hailei decided to make use of it doing something(s) she’s passionate about, which landed her on a two-week road trip across America and another two-week stay on a farm in southern British Columbia through “WWOOF”.

WWOOF, which stands for “World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”, is an organization that allows people of all ages to get involved in organic farming. Although workers within the program get “paid” in only room and board, they’ll most certainly walk away with a wealth of knowledge about growing their food in a sustainable manner and otherwise. For anyone who enjoys gardening, traveling, and simply learning about the ways and traditions of others, WWOOF is a great starting point. If you’re curious about what to expect or how to get involved, Hailei might have some answers for you.

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