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by Danny Schnell
All day
Location TBD

FFF 2019 Danny Schnell VW Bus 1974 CROPPEDDanny Schnell has always had a love of cars, although "I am not mechanically inclined, which certainly would be beneficial," he states. He has had many cars in his life including Mustangs, Corvettes, Chevelle, Camaro, vans ("back when they were hippie style before soccer Moms drove them"), and numerous others. Currently, he has 3 Chevy Corvair convertibles, a 1977 Chevy LUV (which he purchased new), and a 1974 VW bus which he has owned for 7 years. "I have never been a fan of foreign cars, but I must say my bus is ranking pretty high on my all-time favorite list," Danny states. "I have never had a vehicle that draws so much attention from such a wide range of people. It is not what you would consider a trophy winner at car shows, but I do enjoy the attention it gets. I enter it in some of the local car shows, but that has become secondary to my bicycling." 

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