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by Mike Hater
All day, market area

FFF 2019 Mainland Ukes Barn CROPPEDMainland Ukes is a homegrown family business based in Brown County, Indiana, dedicated to providing quality performance ukuleles at a great price. "Our small company started because we love the ukulele," states owner Mike Hater. "We always enjoy meeting others who feel the same way." Mainland Ukes proudly supports several schools and regional clubs, encouraging folks to enrich their lives with music. The business also hosts the Brown County Ukulele Festival, the Ukulele World Congress, and are involved with several ukulele and musical events in the Midwest and beyond. "If you are looking for a new hobby, something to keep you away from the television, something that is a little bit of a challenge and a whole lot of fun, ukulele might be for you." Enjoying a resurgence in popularity across the Midwest, the happy little instrument is bringing the joy of music to many people's lives. Schools and libraries are looking to the ukulele as a way to introduce people to the world of music.

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