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by Chet Pope
All ages
2:30 - 3:30 pm
lawn behind right field fence
FFF 2019 Juggler Chet Pope CROPPEDHave you ever thought it would be fun to know how to juggle? Here's your chance. Anyone who would like to learn to juggle or get help with a new pattern is welcome. If you want to get help with progressing to clubs and passing clubs, that could be offered as well. Participants will go over the basics on how to get started with a cascade and few other patterns with balls or clubs. There will be balls for up to 20 people to use during the workshop.
Chet learned how to juggle just over a year ago. "It has totally changed my life," he says. "It has helped me to be mindful in the things that I do, and no matter how many times that I fail at something, I can always pick myself up, or the ball, and try again. So, come and join me for some fun and learn how to juggle!"

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