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Starter Course for All Ages
by Thom Pallozola
1:00 - 1:30 pm Eastern
Upper shelter house  

FFF 2019 Ukelele WorkshopIn this 30 minute starter course on the ukulele, learn some basic chords, and strums, for people to get a feel for playing the ukulele. "We’ll use them on a song we’ll learn," states Thom. Thom started his musical endeavor in 1962 when he was forced to take guitar lessons by his parents. "I enjoyed playing the guitar, but not the practice," he says. "I picked up an old banjo ukulele we had around the house and started fiddling with it in 1964. My first time on stage was in 1965 in front of 1,500 people at a guitar recital. I was part of a 15 person guitar orchestra. I played as the musician for my class while in elementary school. I picked up the electric guitar in 1966 and started playing in rock and roll bands and surfer bands. I’ve never stopped playing since 1962. In 1993, I picked up the ukulele again. I’d spent much time in the hospital with my son and found it to be easier to have than a guitar. In 2006, I got my first custom-made ukulele and played it out in public, surprising many people with the versatility of the instrument. As I like to tell the audience, 'I play a little guitar!'."

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