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Solar Energy in Indiana

Solar Energy in Indiana
by Ryan Zaricki
2:00 pm South Tent (near totem pole by playground)
FFF 2017 Tent Talk Ryan Logo Whole SunSeveral residents in the Ferdinand community have installed solar panels on their rooftops and lawns in recent years.  Whole Sun Designs, owned and operated by Ryan Zaricki, has likely installed these systems.  In this talk, participants will learn about the effects of recent state legislation on Indiana's residential and business solar energy outlook and discuss ways that citizens can get involved in the ongoing success of this exciting renewable energy.  Citizens interested in installing their own solar energy will also have the opportunity for a personal discussion about the technology.
Ryan Zaricki, President of Whole Sun Designs, Inc., has been installing solar panels for nearly thirteen years.  An honors graduate of South Spencer High School and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Ryan worked in the solar field in Colorado for several years.  In 2007 he brought his skills and knowledge back to the Midwest.  This culminated in the formation of Whole Sun Designs, a regional solar provider, in the summer of 2011. Since then, WSD has installed many systems in the region, including grid-tied solar electric, battery-based/off-grid solar electric, and solar thermal/hot water as well as designed and built passive solar buildings.  Ryan is a licensed Master Electrician and a NABCEP certified solar installer.  Whole Sun Design’s website featuring some of his installations is found at http://www.wholesundesigns.com/.

The Heartwood Reunion

The Heartwood Reunion
by Myke Luurtsema
1:00 pm  South Tent (near totem pole by playground)
FFF 2017 Tent Talk Heartwood TreesLive bands, dancing, farm-to-table meals, campfire, discussion groups, workshops, auction, renowned poet and speaker, off-grid cabin or tent camping, and much more.  These are just some of the events planned for the 22nd annual Heartwood Reunion at the Lazy Black Bear near Paoli October 6 - 8.  Myke Luurtsema, chair of Heartwood, will share exciting details about the Reunion and about Heartwood's work, driven by its mission--"people helping people protect the places they love".  For more information about Heartwood's mini-grant program and its advocacy for forests, clean air, sustainable communities, and mountain protection, visit www.heartwood.org.
Myke is a joyful, enthusiastic leader in forest protection, having years of experience on a diverse range of environmental issues.  He enjoys traveling to distant countries, having recently visited India and Guatemala.  Myke also performs in bands and enjoys playing basketball.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

by Sarah Gothe
3:00 pm  North Tent (near totem pole by playground)
FFF 2017 Sarah Gothe Tent Talk Appalachian TrailSarah will share specific stories and experiences--including the legendary "trail angels"--from the 1,600 miles total that she has hiked in two separate adventures on the Appalachian Trail.  She has only 300 miles to go!  Believing that this famous and incredibly beautiful hike is within many people's grasp--and wanting others to have a similar positive experience--she will discuss how others can make possible what previously seemed impossible.  Other area adventurers who have hiked the trail or who have even remotely considered it are encouraged to attend.  This talk will bring together festival themes of wellness, nature, and more.
A native of Laporte, Indiana, Sarah currently works on Brambleberry Farm, a beautiful homestead, family farm outside Paoli.  Brambleberry Farm is a small permaculture-based nursery and market farm that also sells fruit, nut, and berry plants, by appointment only. They also offer consulting services and educational tours of the farm and their strawbale home.

Pedal Power

Pedal Power 
Conserving and Converting Energy
by Jim Daniels
4:00 pm  at Jim's booth in the art market/environment area
FFF 2017 Jim Daniels Tent Talk Pedal Power1Jim Daniels will review the idea behind Pedal Power–converting mechanical energy to electrical energy and the value of efficiency. His talk will focus on three areas: ways to save money on energy costs at one’s own property, the advantages of renewables especially solar energy, and the human consumption of and impact on natural resources. He will also share information about the newly formed Southwestern Indiana Sierra Club Network.
An Evansville, Indiana, resident, Jim Daniels was involved in helping to establish the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge and was starter of Southern Indiana Recycling Initiative with 27 counties participating. He served on the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) and helped to make the eco-friendly pedestrian and bicycle trail, the Evansville Greenway Passage, a reality. He has also served in various capacities in several organizations such as Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve and the Izaak Walton League at local, state, and national levels. Jim was instrumental in the forming of the Sustainable Communities Coalition which built eco-houses in Evansville. Currently he edited and wrote copy for the quarterly publication, The Hoosier Waltonian, and he write grants for rural businesses to install solar energy systems. He also currently serves as vice-chair of the newly formed Southwest Indiana Network Sierra Club.

The Magnificent Monarch

The Magnificent Monarch
by Nancy Gehlhausen
3:00 pm North Tent (near totem pole by playground)
FFF2017Monarch smThe magnificent monarch is one of most incredible creatures on the planet. Everything about it is beautiful, but there is much more to the monarch than just its beauty.  In this presentation participants will learn about the life cycle of the monarch, its role as a flagship species, its struggle to survive, and efforts to rescue this incredible species.
Nancy Gehlhausen resides in Oakland City and is a retired French teacher. She is a friend of and volunteer for the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge in Pike and Gibson Counties. As a nature enthusiast, Nancy spends countless hours outside observing nature and doing all that she can to promote, improve, and protect Indiana’s natural environment.

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