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Rachael Davis

Gibson Listening Session04The Ferdinand Folk Festival committee is excited to welcome the return of multi-instrumentalist Rachael Davis, who was a crowd-favorite at our opening event in 2010. Renowned for her expressive—and explosive—voice, she has recorded numerous solo albums and collaborations uniting the worlds of folk, blues, country, and pop.

Over a decade career, the Michigan native, now-Nashville artist, has established herself as an artist with an intuitive and empathetic understanding of folk music, a poise and confidence on stage, and a song repertoire often associated with veterans with decades of experience. With her powerful voice and original, thoughtful songwriting, she has earned fans around the United States and has also lent her voice to countless recordings for friends as well as for film soundtracks.

At 20, already a professional and deeply moved by traditional mountain music, blues, and ballads, Davis composed and recorded her debut album Minor League Deities. The album won critical accolades in the acoustic music scene and acclaim among folk music listeners. Because Davis has been swayed by many different types of music, her style is difficult to define. Today Davis describes her music as “Motown-Banjo”.

In 2014 Davis released her first Nashville-based record Bandbox Jubilee produced by Phil Madeira and Lynn Nichols. Her other albums include Antebellum Queens (2008), Shout Sister Shout – Hit That Jive (2008), Live in Bremen, Germany (2004).

Recently she participated in a project sponsored by Sing Me a Story, an organization which brings to life through music the creativity of children who have fallen victim to negative circumstances. Using a website full of stories written by children in need, songwriters can go to the website and choose a story to turn into a song. Once the song is written, the songwriter can record and upload the song to the website. The song can then be downloaded as a donation and the proceeds go back to Sing Me a Story—which works with dozens of organizations serving children in need throughout the world. Visit https://singmeastory.org/ for more info about this unique program.

Learn more at http://rachaeldavis.com/.

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