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Andy and Henry Hagedorn Children's Concert

Andy and Henry Hagedorn 2016Time: 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: Lower shelter house

Andy Hagedorn and his 12-year-old son Henry are back for the Folk Fest for the second year. Last year they performed on three stages in the festival—the lower shelterhouse, the Market Stage, and they even filled in on the Main Stage. Andy and his 12-year-old son Henry are from the Adyeville/Bristow area. Andy is originally from Ferdinand and has been playing, singing, and songwriting since he was a kid. His son Henry began playing along on the fiddle and mandolin a couple years ago. "I love a good song; a song you can relate to," Andy says. "That’s what I love about classic country and folk. Sometimes when there’s not a song that comes to mind that speaks to what I’m feeling, I’ll sit down and write one. I’m not a super-talented musician, so I keep it simple. Meaningful lyrics with a few simple chords—to me that’s folk music. I’m thrilled that Henry enjoys the same type of music."

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