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What's Your West?

by Brian DeShong 

Burrow Tiny Homes - Brian DeShong

1:00 pm
South Tent

What is your version of going west?

The idea to "Go West" meant something different to everyone, but the end result was similar: find new opportunities to create a better life. Brian DeShong, founder of Burrow Tiny Homes, from Pendleton, Indiana, states, "Early American settlers and today's Americans have the same passions and dreams: finding the ideal life, and having the means and freedom to make that ideal life a reality. My goal is to help individuals create a lifestyle that they may not otherwise achieve by not just down-sizing their home but also their responsibilities. With fewer expectations that are often self-inflicted by personal decisions, we can achieve a better sense of peace and freedom." The model names for the Burrow homes came from late 1800s' logging terminology: Forwarder, Wanigan, and High Rigger. Come and learn more about the tiny home movement. For more information, visit http://www.burrowtinyhomes.com/.

Brian will also be leading tours of his tiny home all afternoon. Stop by for a visit.

Bio: Brian is a father of four daughters and a husband of 13 years to his wife Jessica. He has many interests including playing with his girls, traveling as a family, hiking, and playing guitar. After 17 years spent working in commercial and residential construction, he finally decided to take a risk and start his own tiny house company. "I have always had an affinity for unique and creative things," Brian says, "so to combine that love with my building experience seemed like an exciting new venture. We chose the name 'Burrow' because we love cozy cottages and it seemed like the right fit. Most of all I love creating relationships and meeting new people. The thought of being a part of helping others create an ideal life gives me the greatest happiness."

Note: Brian will also lead a Tent Talk about tiny homes at 1:00 p.m. in the south tent by the totem pole next to the children's playground.

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