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Tent Talks

TENT TALKS at the Ferdinand Folk Festival draw on the spirit of the internationally-renowned TED Talks, a series of inspirational speakers on a wide variety of subjects. In a spirit of promoting awareness, growth, and healthy communities, the Ferdinand Folk Festival Tent Talks will focus on timely topics pertaining to environment/wellness, art, and music. In an informal setting, with two sets of four roughly 45-minute concurrent talks/discussions running from 1:00 to 4:45, Tent Talk speakers will include some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in our region in their respective subject matters. The talks and discussions will be limited to 45 minutes with 15 minute breaks so that folks can still take in most of the music and other activities if they choose.


1:00 pm ET - Understanding Tai Chi, Q and A, by Sifu Ron Weatherford
2:00 pm ET - Medieval Festival Returns to Ferdinand! by Dan and Catherine Le Blanc
3:00 pm ET - Project ACORN, Autumn Classes, by members of Project ACORN committee
4:00 pm ET - Pedal Power, Renewable Energy and Conservation, by Jim Daniels *Note-this will take place at the booth instead


1:00 pm ET - What's Your West? Tiny Homes, by Brian DeShong
2:00 pm ET - Making Ukuleles! by Guy and Brice Austin
3:00 pm ET - Monarch Butterflies and Pollinator Gardening, by Becky Schnur
4:00 pm ET - The Sound of (Irish) Music, by Dan Otto

Ferdinand, Indiana observes Eastern Daylight Savings. Topics and times listed are subject to change.

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